Our Values

우리의 가치


Experience it. Create it.

Be present, be in awe.
Linger a little to savor special moments.
Seek adventure and nurture curiosity.
Enjoy our world which existed before us and continues after us.
Sand. Snow. Let’s go.


Make it your own.

Make products functional yet fun.
Make it count – high-quality, high-finish, high-touch.
Make good as needed. Make-up quickly.
As for make-up, try K-beauty, a daily delight.
Home-make optional. But make time for you.


Keep it light, shine it bright.
Laugh a lot and radiate good sentiments.
Lead with empathy, light the way for others.
Bask in the wins, outshine on occasion.
Plant a tree in a sunny spot. Wear reef-safe sunscreen.
Live large and pivot as needed.


A rested team is a productive team.

Chill out. Learn your limits.
Reflect. Restore.
Focus on becoming the best version of yourself.
Nap if needed to drive safely. Be nice to new parents.
Maybe binge K-Dramas before midnight.
(Trust us on this one…)


Heads held high.
Stand firm for the right reasons.
Stand beside a good cause.
Stand up and ask why.
Respect elders, heritage, and diverse opinions.
Uphold individuals’ dignity and self-worth.
Propel forward on our immutable belief:
Tomorrow is better than today.
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